Sun Jul 14, 2024
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This website is provided by the BC Liquor Distribution Branch for the use of authorized liquor agents* and Canadian liquor suppliers doing business with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch.

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ALERT: There will be a pricing freeze on new products with aluminum container type from July 18 to July 26 due to changes to CRF rates for aluminum containers effective Period 5 (July 28, 2024).

Routine maintenance and downtime is scheduled every Sunday, from 5:30 AM to 8:30 AM. It is recommended that you do not visit the site during these hours.

 About this site

*Agent refers to the person or company appointed by a supplier to act as its agent in BC in accordance with a Letter of Authorization supplied to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. Domestic supplier refers to the Canadian manufacturer, producer or distributor of the liquor and is the seller of the liquor to the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. To use this site, you must be a licensed agent or supplier.

If you are eligible for access, please send e-mail to and provide your LDB agent number(s) and/or domestic supplier number(s).

Site overview

  • Register your products for distribution and sale in British Columbia.
  • Apply to list your products for sale in BC Liquor Stores.
  • Download reports on your product activity (movement) at LDB warehouses.
  • Determine pricing on your products using pricing simulator spreadsheets.
  • Download sales data files (*only for those subscribed to the LDB�s Supplier Sales Data Service).

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